Fellowship One


The STEWARD BOARD is responsible for the financial and spiritual governance of the church. Stewards are charged with overseeing the fiduciary interests of the church as well as establishing operating policies and procedures. The Steward Board approves new initiatives, programs and capital expenses as recommended by the pastor. Stewards are appointed annually by the pastor.

The TRUSTEE BOARD is responsible for the temporal concerns of the church. Trustees are charged with safeguarding all of St. John's real estate and other properties and for making improvements when necessary. Trustees are nominated by the Pastor and elected annually by the congregation.

The STEWARDESS BOARD is responsible for providing the elements for Holy Communion. They also assist the ministerial staff with Holy Communion and Baptismal rites. Stewardess are appointed by the pastor.

AMBASSADORS provide a lifeline between the Pastor and the congregation. Ambassadors are responsible for making regular contact with their assigned members and for reporting concerns to the Pastor. Ambassadors assist in the acclimation of all new members and the reclamation of inactive members. In addition, Ambassadors guide and encourage their members to involve themselves in the life of the church.